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Palm oil is a versatile, edible oil found in everything from candy to toothpaste. Unfortunately, its production is causing widespread deforestation and driving the orangutan towards extinction.PalmSmart helps you make environmentally sound consumer choices by identifying products that contain palm oil, and telling you how sustainably it is produced. You simply scan a product's barcode with your mobile device's camera and the item will be checked against our extensive database.
With PalmSmart, you can get involved, too. You can easily send a tweet, specially tailored to each product's manufacturer, urging them to stop using palm oil that causes deforestation, or encouraging them to live up to their environmental commitments.
Our database is large, with tens of thousands of products, mostly from the American marketplace, and you can also get involved by helping us keep it up to date. Just answer some simple questions about any missing item you find, and you can help us to help others make ethical shopping choices!